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Pam Bennett has been a free-lance calligrapher since 1980 for individuals as well as corporate and not-for-profit organizations particularly preparing Quaker Marriage Certificates, corporate resolutions for presentation, diplomas and various commendation awards, poems and certificates. She has over ten years previous experience in full-time corporate employment directing and coordinating creative agencies, writers, and commercial printers to produce collateral and promotional pieces for business-to-business and high-end retail communications.

Pam has also instructed calligraphy workshops for teenagers at her public library branch, for third graders preparing to visit the annual Renaissance Faire with their school, for middle school students during their Cultural Arts Week, and for adults getting started in the evenings.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Illustration from the Philadelphia College of Art [now known as the University of Arts] in 1982. Since then she has taken numerous exciting workshops in Maryland, North Carolina, New York and Virginia with Lettering and design instructors including Karen Ackoff, Denis Brown, Hazel Dolby, Reggie Ezell, Thomas Ingmire, Alice Koeth, John Stevens, Brody Neuenschwander, Diane von Arx and Julian Waters. See also Pam′s Resources page. Pam also has enjoyed attending some of the International Conferences of Lettering Artists when located on the east coast of the US.

Exhibitions of Pam′s calligraphic works include annual participation in the Philadelphia Calligraphers′ Society′s Philadelphia Flourishes exhibits, plus solo exhibitions at the Meadowood Retirement Community, in Worcester, PA Freedom Village in West Brandywine, PA and the Peter Becker Community in Harleysville, PA.

Thank you for taking the time to review my calligraphic biography, Sincerely, Pam

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