Calligraphy by Pam

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The Fine Art of Writing: Calligraphy by Pam

  1. Calligraphy Guilds, Pam is a member of each of the following:
  2. Philadelphia Calligraphers′ Society Can you find Pam′s old page? [Prepared by someone else.]
  3. Washington Calligraphers Guild Pam has another wedding certificate buried here too.
  4. Society of Scribes, NY
  5. Quaker Resources:
  6. Quaker Information Center
  7. Friends′ Journal the monthly bulletin of the Religious Society of Friends.
  8. Calligraphy Suppliers:
  9. Pam′s favorite source for calligraphy supplies and books [John Neal Bookseller]
  10. A general art supply company with great prices [Cheap Joes].
  11. Other Calligraphers/Instructors, (Pam has studied with each of the following:)
  12. Denis Brown Irish Calligrapher
  13. Diane Von Arx Minneapolis Calligrapher
  14. Julian Waters Washington, DC area Calligrapher
  15. Have any Questions?

    Pam welcomes any comments, ideas or requests.

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    Additional resources are listed within Pam′s Calligraphic Biography found on the Home Page of this site.

    Enjoy! Pam

    Calligraphy & Design 2009 Pamela R. Bennett