Calligraphy by Pam

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The Fine Art of Writing: Calligraphy by Pam

Traditional Marriage Cerficate

Flora & Fauna Decorated Certificate

Contemporary Autumn Certificate

Winter Certifcate

Traditional Marriage Certificate with floral decoration and italic text.

Marriage certificate with critters and flowers, all drawn in colored inks and painted in watercolor.

Contemporary Marriage Certificate bordered with a chain of fall leaves.

Marriage certificate for a late December wedding in New England, incorporating decorations of the season. Sadly a storm came through at the last minute and the wedding was postponed so that all the guests could attend. Therefore the date on the certificate is not completely correct. Although it is possible to electrically erase ink (particularly off 140 lb watercolor paper), the customer never made such a request.

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Sincerely, Pam

Calligraphy & Design © 2008 Pamela R. Bennett